Dec 19, 2012

It's Winter, Let's Go Knits!

-It's Winter, Let's Go Knits!

Winter is finally here, and we all need to get cozy with a cup of rich hot cocoa and stay warm in style. The crisp air, the rainy aroma and your red nose might need a knitted piece for a soothing sense of perfection.
Knits have always been the classic winter buddies and their friendly beauty keeps you warm and fashionable. While other winter buddies like capes and coats may sound more fashionably appealing, knits are the most basic treat and they know how to pamper you, wrap you up and give your outfit a softer edge.

Handling your knitted outfit to make it look more elegant and stylish rather than basic and monotonous is a wonderful mission to take on this season, because a knitted outfit can look good whether it is minimal, or overdone. A knitsy dress, a plain jumper with pants, or a casual look with just a cozy scarf around it are all ideas to go minimal with your knits. Head-to-toe knits or extra knitted goods like wearing more than one scarf, adding knitted gloves and hats, are ideas to overwork your knits to create the warm outfit you desire. 

Knitted beauty knows no limits, there are lots of ways to empower it, the musical sound of raindrops, the pure white snowflakes, teapots and coffee mugs. Personally, my winter pleasure is a slice of carrot cake, yum! Fashion has never been this fluid and easy, it's cold outside and knits are very forgiving so go knits or go home! 

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  1. Yes Yes! This is why I love Fall & winter. I love knitted scarves and sweaters! I would definitely wear that mustard color one!

    xo, N

  2. love the knits!

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  3. So much inspiration here, love it!!