Jan 3, 2013

A Classic Fantasy: the Tulle Skirt

-A Classic Fantasy: the Tulle Skirt

A luscious tulle skirt is a good idea for the snowy season, fashion points and joy points on your waist. Tulle is a happy fabric, a rough texture combined with softness and delicacy. The choice of color is an important factor as well, pastel shades work magically with tulle, while dark colors give you a sexy Gothic vibe.


Tulle is certainly a delightful experience, whether you want to be the pure princess or the evil queen, it is your choice. The way you manipulate the fabric can create many different looks and stories, inspired by your own imagination.


The tulle fantasy is widely used with dresses and wedding gowns, but a tulle skirt makes room for details, and gives you a range to insert your fashion thoughts and mix in other items to create your own outfit. Fashion and normality are two different realms, but a tulle skirt on the street is a new level of wow. You can turn the fashion streets into a colorful fairytale, and tulle is your happy ending. 


  1. Love the first skirt...so beautiful.*_*
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  2. Love the first outfit, and the photography on that photo!
    One way or another it really speaks to me!


  3. Love the first skirt, amazing how full it looks!