Apr 13, 2013

French Connection: Make a Scene

-FCUK: Make a Scene

It's been a while, I was feeling a little uninspired but this is a very beautiful comeback, thanks to the Make a Scene contest by French Connection
This competition by FCUK allows you to create a video choosing from a collection of beautiful scenes and putting them together, choosing the right music and a title for your video. 
It's not a lot of work, but your passion does come through, because I think it is very obvious when you just put random scenes together, the video then would not look very solid and powerful.
The most shared video wins the competition, and I know that makes it very hard for me to win, the more connections you have the more shares you're going to get but I can't say it is unfair, as there is also going to be one judges choice winner. So you might actually win! Go ahead and try. 
For me, it was a pleasant little experience, I love my video and I do watch it every now and then, I think it's beautiful. ♥ 
Create your own video and enter the competition here: http://makeascene.frenchconnection.com/create


Jan 14, 2013

2013 / Golden Globe Awards

-2013 / Golden Globe Awards

It's always a joyous day after a big event, fashion gossip over coffee is truly soothing, and if you're a movie buff like me, you might just get a little overwhelmed. Here is what I thought of this year's Golden Globe Awards' outfits, with a cinematic twist. 

Amy Adams in Marchesa 
Amy wore a beautiful blush/nude gown by Marchesa. While the cut of the dress is not necessarily my cup of tea I think she looked lovely. The lace and tulle combination in that soft color is dazzling, and I don't think it washes her out. After all, hello it's nude! I also think her hairstyle was a smart choice and it went well with the entire look. To create a perfect version out of this gown for myself, I would make the lace part fitted all the way down, and add a soft layer of the tulle just below the bodice to create a dreamy gown with that sense of sheerness.

Anne Hathaway in Chanel Couture
Anne wore a Chanel Couture gown to the event, and she looked beautiful, then again she always does, but I expected more from her. I love the simplicity of the dress and I love the fact that the peplum trend is not overdone here, but there is something underwhelming about this look, I guess because she's been wearing a lot of white lately. Anne does look pretty, but if I were going to the Golden Globe Awards with a guaranteed win, I would've chosen to put more thought into my look.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad
Now, J Lo was the event's biggest deja vu, lucky for her I don't care. The Zuhair Murad gown she wore is gorgeous and I'm glad she did not go with a sparkly version this time, it is soft and ladylike and it's doing her lots of good deeds. I would have loved to see a maroon clutch with that gown, the hair color and the entire feel of the look is too light, not pale but light, and needs a little pop of color somewhere.

Katharine McPhee In Theyskens’ Theory
One of my rare favorites from last night, the edgy design by Theyskens’ Theory looks very flattering on her, it's surprising how simplicity can make you stand out in the land of couture gowns. I love the clear straps on the sandals too. I think I might've preferred to see more curls and a fluffier hairdo with that dress, but hands down, my favorite look!

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu
Kerry Washington's fashion moments are endless, her looks lately have been constantly glamorous. It is not easy to manipulate sparkles, but the delicate color, the soft fabric and the simple hairstyle all prevent this dress from looking overwhelmed by the sparkles. I must say, I personally don't like clothes that sparkle but this outfit is refreshing on too many levels, Kudos Kerry!

Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors
Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors is also one of my favorite looks from the event, the chic minimalistic cutout dress looks beautiful on her. She is showing just the right amount of skin to stay away from the boring conservative black maxi look. The cutout in the front makes the dress look sexy, but not too sexy. I love the easiness of the hair with that sort of stiff-looking fabric. Overall, the look is smart and is making her look so young and pretty!

I think 2012 was sort of dull and dry moviewise, and the fashion choices went well with that, there were a lot of similarities and many less wow fashion moments.

Here's my favorite version of I Dreamed a Dream by Ruthie Henshall, enjoy and happy new year! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p6OH7FoWoQ

Jan 3, 2013

A Classic Fantasy: the Tulle Skirt

-A Classic Fantasy: the Tulle Skirt

A luscious tulle skirt is a good idea for the snowy season, fashion points and joy points on your waist. Tulle is a happy fabric, a rough texture combined with softness and delicacy. The choice of color is an important factor as well, pastel shades work magically with tulle, while dark colors give you a sexy Gothic vibe.


Tulle is certainly a delightful experience, whether you want to be the pure princess or the evil queen, it is your choice. The way you manipulate the fabric can create many different looks and stories, inspired by your own imagination.


The tulle fantasy is widely used with dresses and wedding gowns, but a tulle skirt makes room for details, and gives you a range to insert your fashion thoughts and mix in other items to create your own outfit. Fashion and normality are two different realms, but a tulle skirt on the street is a new level of wow. You can turn the fashion streets into a colorful fairytale, and tulle is your happy ending. 

Dec 19, 2012

It's Winter, Let's Go Knits!

-It's Winter, Let's Go Knits!

Winter is finally here, and we all need to get cozy with a cup of rich hot cocoa and stay warm in style. The crisp air, the rainy aroma and your red nose might need a knitted piece for a soothing sense of perfection.
Knits have always been the classic winter buddies and their friendly beauty keeps you warm and fashionable. While other winter buddies like capes and coats may sound more fashionably appealing, knits are the most basic treat and they know how to pamper you, wrap you up and give your outfit a softer edge.

Handling your knitted outfit to make it look more elegant and stylish rather than basic and monotonous is a wonderful mission to take on this season, because a knitted outfit can look good whether it is minimal, or overdone. A knitsy dress, a plain jumper with pants, or a casual look with just a cozy scarf around it are all ideas to go minimal with your knits. Head-to-toe knits or extra knitted goods like wearing more than one scarf, adding knitted gloves and hats, are ideas to overwork your knits to create the warm outfit you desire. 

Knitted beauty knows no limits, there are lots of ways to empower it, the musical sound of raindrops, the pure white snowflakes, teapots and coffee mugs. Personally, my winter pleasure is a slice of carrot cake, yum! Fashion has never been this fluid and easy, it's cold outside and knits are very forgiving so go knits or go home! 

Extra joy: -Recipe: Hot Chocolate on a Stick on King Arthur Flour - http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/cocoa-blocks-recipe
-See Chocolat on IMDb - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0241303/